Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Patatas Bravas Inspired by Soni's in Newtown, Sydney

I love to cook.  I am a creative person by nature.  I appreciate art, I LOVE fashion and find cooking my regular creative outlet. I dont particularly like to follow recipies unless its something that is out of my technical capabilities.

We went to one of my Fave restrauants in Sydney last weekend called Soni's in Newtown.  Its well known for Tapas.  Actually it was the first Tapas restrauant I ever went to.  They use to do the most AMAZING soft shell crab which they unfortuantly dont do anymore.  However, when we went last week all I can say Is I can't complain, the food was fantastic.  We ordered I would say about 75% of the tapas menu to share between 4.  Which included Patatas Bravas, Fish cakes, chorizo, squid (which was the best dish of the night) Kangaroo amongst many others. We also had 5 jugs of Sangria :) Below are some photo's of the night.  I also attempted Patatas Bravas on Thursday night to great success.  I found out the ingrediants and winged it.  It was amazing, I served it with fried chorizo....

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Above is my first attempt at Patatas Bravas.  Below pic's of Tapas @ Soni's

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