Friday, 25 May 2012

Gaslight Cafe Fail

It really pains me to write this post. I actually had the WORST meal here last Friday for a work lunch.  It bothers me because I have had such a good experience here prior to this meal.  My good word of mouth( I told EVERYONE THAT WOULD LISTEN HOW GOOD IT WAS) has been potentially wasted by a really poorly plated meal.   I am actually biting my tongue on this because I will say something that I will regret. 

What was worse was the waitress gave us really poor service.  She was unfriendly, we had to ask for parmesan in a Italian restaurant. When the parmesan arrived it was only enough for one and 4 people had to share it.  No wine list was offered, we had to ask for it.  My wine was not served on the table well either. It was dumped next to me. I thought waitresses were trained to up sell with wine... even at lunch?

My advise? Please make sure you plate what is on the menu.  Not congealed pasta with a few mushrooms on top with no taste.  No truffle oil.  My pasta was glugged together

This goes for any restaurant that decides to do $10 meals. If you are going to do this, then do it well.  Dunedin is too small for screw ups.

Looks good, but tasteless....

Images by me.

Gaslight!!! Owners and Chef, I have not given up on you.  Please don't disappoint me again.

PS the wine was sensational. Peregrine Sav Blanc.

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