Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Long weekend

Long weekend is upon us here in NZ.  Haven't been up to much, just relaxing watching movies, going to the gym, having a look around town.  Here are some snapshots.

Home made guacamole.  I ate mine with celery sticks, Jade ate his with left over beef and bacon rissoles

These awesome flowers out front of my place.  

Street art in the industrial area of town.  I love the batman comic.  There are so many creative people in Dunedin!

What I wore today after the gym. (unintentional cleavage shot :S)

Dotti white over sized tee, Black glassons singlet, black county Road leggings (BEST LEGGINGS EVER) and Rubi studded high tops.  As you can see I bought a mirror!  expect more outfit shots soon....

Saint Clair Merlot. Possibly my new fave.

Well, that is it so far. Still one more day to go!  Going to the movies tomorrow so cant wait to pig out on popcorn (so naughty! and not very paleo)

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