Friday, 18 May 2012

Chicken and Chardonnay Sausages

Deep Creek Deli in Dunedin produces award winning sausages.  I was out that way recently and bought a handful to try them out.  Naturally I bought the Chicken and Chardonnay (Won Gold) and the Chorizo..  They were unreal. They have many more flavours I am interested in trying try like Irish pork and bacon (YUM), Moroccan Lamb, Pork, apple, sage and rosemary to name a few.  They also specialise in German sausages.

 I love gourmet sausages, I am always scouring New World's deli section looking at all the different things that they are putting into sausage cases.  So when I discovered Deep Creek Deli I was really happy. Just a quick note, they did take really long to cook. as they are chicken..

I do get really excited when I discover quality products in Dunedin.  Especially when they are really different!

Deep Creek Deli's award winning Chicken and Chardonnay Sausages

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