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Who am I? I am Nik, I am a lifestyle blogger.  I am a food and wine enthusiast.  I cook all the time.  I LOVE cooking. I love eating in good restaurants. I like wine too.  I prefer savory food over sweet food.  I know a bit about food and wine, but I am at the point where I want to learn more.  Ready to take the journey. I wanted to start a blog that showcased what Dunedin has to offer, A food blog that is takes place in Dunedin. A Dunedin Food Blog!

How did this all start? I have been a foodie for as long as I can remember.  I have very fond memories of food throughout my life.  My first memories of food - helping my Grandma make scones when I was about 4. Another early memory of cooking is from when I was around 7, I use to LOVE chicken and sweet corn soup from the local Chinese restaurant.  I remember cooking it with my step mum, I helped break the eggs and add it to the broth.  She taught me that cooking does not have to be a chore; it can be relaxing and fun. Also consuming food doesn’t have to be a race, just relax and enjoy grazing over a superb meal.   That mantra has stayed with me since I was very young. I have been really lucky to be exposed to amazing food my whole life.  Chili or Blackbean crab in Malaysia. Homemade spicy Tom Yum soup with every imaginable type of seafood.  Larb Gai that is so spicy paired with an incredible pallet cleansing white wine.
I also had a year or two where I was broke. This taught me the extremely valuable lesson on how to cook good food on a budget.  I am all about budget cooking during the week and splurge cooking on the weekend. I thought that all my knowledge over the years would hopefully help someone else.  Also bringing the beauty of local Otago produce to a new audience that is interested in Dunedin Food.
What about wine? Where do I start! I like many types of wine, but for different reasons. White- I love a  oaked Chardonnay- unoaked is seriously BORING! Why bother???!!!, followed closely by Semillon Sauvignon (basically cant get it here in NZ....  I love a red berry flavoured Rose paired with a Paella in Summer.  Red’s- I love a peppery Shiraz or a spicy Merlot.  I have just discovered pinot Noir (yes I am slow) and pair it nicely with my favorite go to dish, Spicy pork belly with brown fried rice.
Favorite Wine?  Mudhouse Swan Chardonnay 2009….. very specific. See pic below LOL Close second is Astrolabe Chardonnay
Favorite Dish to cook?  Paella!
Favorite international cuisine? A toss-up between Spanish, Italian and Thai. Any cuisine that packs a serious punch is ok in my eyes.
Favorite Chef’s? Jamie Oliver,Al Brown and Matt Moran
Favorite cooking shows? Junior Masterchef (those kids are insane cooks), Masterchef and Come Dine with Me. I also LOVED the series “Harvest” with Sierra Reed and Michael Dearth.  They should have made more episodes of that show!
Favorite Restaurants in Dunedin? My favourite restaurant in Dunedin At the moment it is Gaslight. Breakfast Café Rue, Lunch Yuki.

Image by me

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