Saturday, 16 November 2013


So it has been a while.  Lots of updates to be had.

Sydney-  We are moving back to Sydney.  For many reasons, some being family, opportunity and social.  I have lived in NZ for 7 years now.  It has been a great place to live and it has really grounded me.  That said I never felt 100% at home in NZ and although I have some wonderful friends here I never have felt myself.  So across the ditch we I go in exactly 1 month today!

Italy- we are going to Italy for a month in April/May 2014. We are super excited!  We have been saving and working our butts off to be able to make this happen.   We have put the planning on hold for a few months to process and plan this move to Sydney so once I have full time employment I will be finalising this trip start to get even more excited!

This blog-  will be starting up again soon.  I have around 5 weeks off over December and January so am hoping to get this happening again but trying to give video ago.

That's about it really.  More updates to come.


                                                                     Image by me

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