Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Havoc Pork

Ahhh my fave free range products have opened up a shop at the end of my street right next door to Taste Nature. Taste Nature is a completely organic wholefoods store that I LOVE.  This has made my year.  Havoc's Chorizo is the best you can get in Dunedin.  I LOVE their bacon too.  I am soooo damn excited about this!

We went in and spoke to the guy running the store and its going to be a completely organic butchery with Beef, Pork, Duck's, chicken etc.

We are ordering our xmas ham this year from Havoc.  I am too excited, i bet it is going to be amazing!

Now all we need is a boutique wine store and a cheese monger and I think I will never want to leave Dunedin!

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