Friday, 15 June 2012

Trip to the Farmers Market- Sour Dough Love

We go every week.  Mainly to get Lievito's San Fran Sour dough.  Defiantly worth the $10 and the early morning trek.  Here are some pictures of this morning, it was such a beautiful walk, cold, but beautiful.  

Thats me.  No makeup on, just out of bed- In my Farmers Market get up

San Fran Sourdough. Its amazing.  The only place in Dunedin you can get legit sour dough.  They are opening a store soon too.  That means I can buy sour dough all the time! 

I typically like my sour dough toasted with butter and vegemite.  However we made scrambled eggs and bacon with tomato relish this time.  Got all gourmet with the sour dough.

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