Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Student Project + The Pasta Project = A creamy tomato pasta sauce.

While I was pigging out on cheese and wine yesterday, I was shown a new cook book someone had bought.  It was a pasta cook book. It was by far one of the best cookbooks I have ever seen. I cant remember who it was by but I will find out for you.  The photos were wonderful and the recipes were achievable and  very inspiring.  It reminded me of a pasta sauce I made a while back but forgot about.  Its delish!  I have made it a few times now and it is just soooooooo easy..... and cheap! and we all know I love to do things on a budget. I would say this would be about roughly $5 per meal.

Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce.


3/4 of a can of tinned tomatoes -Watties crushed & seived are the best
1/2 of a large white onion diced
100 mls of cream (you can use more, I just add more depending on the taste
1 heaped teaspoon on crushed Garlic
olive oil. 
good pinch of grated parmesan
Salt to taste


Add some oil to a frypan on meduim to high heat , add the diced onions and cook till transparent.  Add the garlic and fry off till flavours combine.

Add the tinned tomatoes and cook for a few minuets till all the flavours combine.

Add the cream and stir through.  I would taste the sauce at this point to see if you need to add more cream.

  Once the sauce is right, add the parmesan cheese  and stir through.  Taste again and see if you  need more parmesan or salt and add what is required.

I have served this with packet pasta and also the potato ravioli.

 It was sensational with the potato ravioli I made a while back!

Thats it!

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