Saturday, 16 June 2012


You might of noticed my brain has gone into blogging overdrive.  I guess this cold weather makes you want to do next to nothing.  All I have done all day aside from blogging is come up with idea's for recipes to cook or look up recipes online for next weeks inspiration.  I have come up with a few really good recipes!

To be honest, I don't really like desert, baking and sugary stuff is my partners thing.  He consumes enough of it for the both of us.  This is his recipe.  I decided to share it cause it is pretty good.  I have tried it and don't mind it.  He really nails the deserts he likes.


300ml bottle of cream
2x 180gm  packets of marshmallows
1kg of Meadow Fresh Thick and Creamy raspberry 


Whip the cream in a bowl till thick.  

Add the marshmallows and the yoghurt and combine.

Images by me.

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