Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Afternoon Cheese Fest.

Last week was stressful!

On Friday night hit I convinced myself that I was going to graze on cheese and crackers on Saturday afternoon and drink wine.......

Its official.  Cheese and wine is the answer to all of life's problems. 

And I did exactly that, I grazed on cheese and drank wine. 

Thank you Whitestone, you light up my life! Complete me!

Moeraki Bay blue, Probiotic brie, My Kyeburn aged chedder... The Moeraki Bay blue is really creamy.  The Mt kyeburn is my fave, smoked and aged chedder- the perfect combo.  The Probiotic Brie was really creamy, almost runny in the middle.  Really easy to eat.  This was followed up by hot smoked salmon tails which were divine.  It was just the best way to spend a Saturday.  I am currently making my own chicken stock in the slow cooker so expect a upcoming post about that!

 I didn't pick the wine but it was really nice.

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