Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Only the purists like Chardonnay

I love how people are telling me that Chardonnay is becoming "in" again.  It was never "out" for me.   I am no sommelier but as it turns out neither is 90% of the population either- but we like what I like.  Chardonnay and I have been friends for about 14 years... and I am a loyal person.

The first time I tasted this Mudhouse Chardonnay It took me back to a place.  A Thai restaurant, 12 years ago in Sydney where the chair was a pillow on the floor and the table was as high as a coffee table.  On the menu was Fish cakes and Larb Gai accompanied with an Oaked Chardonnay....It wasn't Mudhouse but it was good....  Oaked.  I may have an unsophisticated pallet to some, but for a wine to bring back this memory was pretty insane. I love how food and wine can trigger memories.  Maybe that is why I enjoy the whole foodie thing.

The Mudhouse Winery has always been a place I would bring visitors when I lived in Christchurch.   The wine, food and ambience in my opinion is the best in the Waipara region. The people who take the wine tasting sessions really try to educate you on the wines and how to appreciate the different varieties.

Image by me.

 I even enjoyed the famous "A Day on the Green" concert tour there with Jimmy Barnes and The Feelers.  Great memories mixed with great wine.  Thank you Mudhouse.

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