Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Student project- Whitestone Mt Kyeburn Mac n Cheese

About a month ago, I did a day trip to Oamaru for work. At that point I had never spent more than 15 minuets in Oamaru and didn't really think that much of the place. After a day in North Otago I realised that Oamaru is awesome!  The Victorian Precinct was really cool.   It reminded me of The Rocks in Sydney but on a smaller scale. I was in Oamaru and the Waitaki region for a wine and food related product so I got to see some really cool places in this region. I defiantly want to go have a long weekend up that way so I can check the region out in more detail.

While I was there I had to visit the Whitestone Cheese Factory.  I am a regular customer at the stall at the farmers market on Saturday so naturally i had to check this place out!  I got to talking with the lady that worked there and told her my favourite cheese in the whole wide world is the Mt Kyeburn aged smoked cheddar.  She told me that she uses that particular cheese in her Mac n Cheese.  I was sold.  

Here is the recipe for my Whitestone Mt Kyeburn Mac n Cheese.  


Macaroni elbows
2/3 of a Whitestone Mt Kyeburn Cheese wedge- crumbled
1/2 a sliced tomato
1 tub of philadelphia cooking cream
3 good pinches of grated parmesan
salt to taste
3/4 of teaspoon of smoked paprika (last minuet addition)


Cook the macaroni according to the packets instructions.

 Once its cooked, drain and return the elbows to the pot you cooked them in. Add the philadelphia cooking cream and stir on a low to medium heat.

 Add the crumbled Whitestone Mt Kyeburn cheese and stir till it has melted.  Add 2 generous pinches of grated parmesan and stir till melted.  Add salt to taste. Make sure the salt cancels out the sour/tangy taste of the Mt Kyeburn cheese.

 Once coked through add some of the smoked paprika.  Leave a little bit as you will need it for garnish.  

Add the macaroni to a baking dish.  Put the last pinch of parmesan on the top. 
Add the tomato slices to the top of the macaroni and the last bit of smoked paprika for garnish. 

 Preheat the oven to 170 degress Celsius and pop the dish in for 15-20 mins.


You could make this meal for 2 for around $10 with leftover ingredients for next time.

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