Monday, 9 July 2012

My wine collection

So last week I invested more into my wine collection.  I have decided that every week I will contribute a new bottle of wine to my collection and share this with you.  I dont know what I will call it, I will let you know once I have come up with a name.  We shall make it a weekly slot.  So to give you the update on the collection from this week. The condition is that it has to be boutique and not readily available ie on regular rotation at countdown!

Part of my order.  Love this site! 2x Alexia Merlot's (very easy to drink) and 2x Chardonnays.  This is probably the best wine under $12 I have bought of  Very drinkable, very enjoyable!

Bitter sweet.  The rolling on sale for $11.99 per bottle at countdown....Score...  REDUCED TO CLEAR!!!! Gutted.  Grabbed what I could.  I remember someone recommending "The rolling" to me in countdown and I loved it. Sad to see it go.

Stocking up the cabnit!

The Squawking Magpie.  Very excited to try this one!  Another one off  The rest of this weeks order!

I also did a wine tasting last week at Castle MacAdam that I really enjoyed. I will blog about that over the next few days :D

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