Friday, 13 July 2012

Astrolabe Wines

A week or so ago I attended the Astrolabe wine tasting held at Castle MacAdam's wines.  I had been meaning to attend one of these wine tasting's for a while and missed out on the two due to work commitments.

 Simon Waghorn, the Winemaker and owner of Astrolabe wines presented the wines on the night.  He told us everything from his background in winemaking, the wine making process to the geographic areas around Blenheim the different grapes are grown and how this effects the different taste of the wine. They also provided us with a tasting notes card pack which was awesome.  It was great having the tasting note cards, it helped me recognise the flavours of the wine.  On the night, we tried quite a few wines from the Astrolabe range.  There were 2 Reislings, 3 Sav Blanc's, a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir and a Gewurztraminer.  The quality of the wine was high and consistent through the range. 

The two Rieslings were quite different to each other. One was dry and the other was fruity.  I enjoyed the dry one over the fruity one.  The 3 Sav Blanc's were all so different- i enjoyed them all. The Chardonnay was my favourite.  I left with 1 Sav Blanc and 2 Chardonnays (Of course)..

images by me!

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