Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms - Goats Cheese & Char Grilled Peppers

Will its official, I have Tonsillitis. It sucks.  It really, really sucks.  I have been off for 3 days, and right now its getting worse.  I am on codeine to manage the pain and itchy throat.  I feel like shit.

So I have spent some time on Pinterest.  OK, I am obsessed with Pinterest.  

Pinterest is pretty awesome except for the the following trends:

People selling work out programs- Thanks for all the pictures of models making me feel like shit
Deserts and sweets everywhere- Lucky I don't care for sweet stuff cause that mixed with the above would create an unstable existence.
Wedding/bridal crap- I bet half of these chicks arn't even engaged and they are clogging up Pinterest with stuff that is irrelevant to them at this point in time.

Pinterest Stuff I love:
Paleo inspiration.  When you get stuck you can find new ideas (Spaghetti Squash- major obsession right now)
Fashion trends- You can see what is ahead of the next season
Interior design inspiration- I love EVERYTHING in this category

Actually it just helps you get inspired about things you didn't know exist or never would of though of.

So the point of my crapping on (well I have more or less been unable to talk fro 3 days straight so this was bound to happen) is I saw something similar to this on Pinterest last night and decided to grab the ingredients after my doctors appointment for dinner tonight.


Portobello Mushrooms x 3
1 large char grilled pepper sliced finely
Crumbled goats cheese (use as much as you want, I didn't use enough)
Mixed herbs or oregano (a wee pinch per mushroom)


Take the stalks out of the mushrooms, Add the sliced roasted peppers and then the crumbled goats milk cheese the the herbs.

Heat the oven to 180 and roast for 15-20 minutes.


Images by me.

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